COVID 19 Policies & Procedures

For the safety of our campers & staff, as well as rules & regulations at our host facility, the following policies have been put into place, and will be enforced:

  • Face masks will be required. We understand that this may be difficult for some campers. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate exemptions from this rule for the 2021 camp season. Gaiters and face shields do not meet the requirements set by our host facility and will not be allowed.
  • Campers who are unable to comply with the mask requirement after the camp day has started will need to go home for the day.
  • At the start of each camp day, staff members, campers, and visitors, will be screened at the door for exposure and illness symptoms, including a temperature check.
  • We ask that you contact our camp director and remain at home if either:
      1. You have signs/symptoms of any of the following:
        • Infection
        • Fever
        • dizziness/nausea
        • shortness of breath
        • diarrhea
        • loss of taste/smell
      2. You, or a member of your immediate household,  have been exposed to a person with a positive test.

If you have questions regarding our Covid 19 policy, please email: